Book review: A Little Bit of (a) Creep by AJ Noon

From zombies and grave robbers to murderous exes and an idiosyncratic take on some of pop's greatest hits, AJ Noon's first collection of short stories, A Little Bit of (a) Creep, takes a decidedly quirky look at the darker side of life.

Friday, 5th January 2018, 8:46 am
Updated Friday, 5th January 2018, 8:50 am
A Little Bit of (a) Creep by AJ Noon
A Little Bit of (a) Creep by AJ Noon

The writer, a former member of Chorley and District Writers’ Circle and Preston Poets’ Society, now lives in Portsmouth, the Hampshire port city that serves as a backdrop to many of these chilling little offerings.

A host of darkly colourful characters populate the pages of A Little Bit of (a) Creep and whether it’s the unnerving mother from hell of And Women Fail or the loathsome ‘hero’ of Hunter, there are stories – plus a couple of poems – here that are pretty much guaranteed to make the flesh crawl.

It’s not all unrelieved darkness though. Flashes of humour, admittedly of a jaundiced hue, are larded throughout these twisted little tales to shed a bilious light into some pretty murky corners. And although you may laugh along with the author, you can be sure you’ll be casting a few nervous glances over your shoulder as you do so.

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So for a spine-tingling read, lovers of horror and supernatural fiction can sit back confident in the knowledge that A Little Bit of (a) Creep will haunt their dreams through the long dark nights of winter.

The book can be bought through Amazon.

(Redvark Publishing, paperback, £4.55 and ebook £3.50)