Book review: Beautiful birds, wild shapes and big ideas with Flying Eye Books

When it comes to children’s books, Flying Eye Books have their sights set firmly on visual beauty and top-class storytelling.

Monday, 2nd March 2015, 9:00 am
Beautiful birds, wild shapes and big ideas with Flying Eye Books
Beautiful birds, wild shapes and big ideas with Flying Eye Books

An imprint of award-winning -publishing house Nobrow Press, Flying Eye Books translate some of the best children’s publishing from around the world and pledge that whatever the project, whatever the medium, genre, or format, they will take children’s eyes on a journey of wonder.

So let them feast their peepers on a new selection of gorgeous and innovative titles, from an alphabet bird book overflowing with colour and magic to a mystery trail where shapes resemble animals and animals resemble shapes.

Age 5-7:

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Beautiful Birds by Jean Roussen and Emmanuelle Walker

Let children’s imaginations take flight with this stunning picture book that teaches young children about the world’s most captivating birds.

Beautifully illustrated and featuring a rainbow of exotic plumages from the wonderful kingdom of birds, this sumptuous book from a talented author-illustrator team will enchant bird enthusiasts of all ages.

Jean Roussen’s playful poem and Emmanuelle Walker’s remarkably delicate and colourful drawings pay homage to an amazing alphabet of birds in all their feathered finery. From warblers and blue-tits to kakapos and owls, this oversized book is a visual feast of creative learning.

A lush and lyrical introduction to birds of every size, shape and colour… and the perfect gift for bird lovers young and old.

(Flying Eye Books, hardback, £14.99)

Age 3-5:

This is My Rock by David Lucas

A touching story about sharing and friendship is set to capture the hearts and minds of young book lovers everywhere.

This is My Rock, featuring the adventures of a young goat, is the new picture book from David Lucas, the much-loved illustrator and author of The Robot and the Bluebird and Lost in the Toy Museum.

‘This is my rock!’ proclaims a young goat. ‘It’s not yours,’ he bleats at Eagle. ‘Or yours,’ he grumbles at Bear. ‘Nor yours!’ he shouts at the other goats that dare to climb his rock. But standing on top of a mountain all day and night can be lonely, especially when you have no one else to play with…

With simple wit and beautifully detailed illustrations, David Lucas weaves a memorable and moving tale about learning to share and making friends.

(Flying Eye Books, hardback, £11.99)

Age 3-5:

Wild About Shapes by Jérémie Fischer

Flick through this mystery trail where shapes resemble animals and animals resemble shapes. This beautifully crafted book is playfully designed so that animals hide and reveal themselves within pages of overlapping colour, and alternating pages of printed acetate. Jérémie Fischer, an illustrator and professional screen-printing technician, uses bold block colour and cleverly manipulates form to delight and fascinate readers of all ages.

(Flying Eye Books, hardback, £12.99)

Age 3-5:

Black and White

Dahlov Ipcar

Watch and enjoy as two little dogs frolic and dream of adventures beyond their wildest imaginations, from jungles of the Congo with towering ebony elephants to the whitewashed, freezing Arctic where the icy white polar bears roam.

Dahlov Ipcar, an American author, artist and illustrator, pairs her timeless illustrations, first published in 1963, with fresh original verse that celebrates the unity, wonder and beauty of the living, breathing natural world around us.

Ipcar wrote and illustrated over thirty children’s books which have captured the hearts of children across the world. Fifty years later her books are being reintroduced to a new generation of adoring young readers.

Black and White has been re-mastered from the original and traditionally printed using the same bold spot colour.

(Flying Eye Books, hardback, £11.99)

Age 5-7:

Her Idea by Rilla Alexander

Do you love thinking up new ideas? Do you jump from one idea to the next? Would you rather start tomorrow? Join Sozi as she experiences the elation, struggle and triumph of making ideas happen. Her idea is a story for all ages and a tale about getting to ‘the end.’

Rilla Alexander, an Australian born, Berlin-based designer and illustrator, uses little Sozi to take young readers through a superb journey into the depths of the imagination.

(Flying Eye Books, hardback, £12.99)