And I wanna be, 53 Degrees...

Anarchy for the U CLan,It’s coming some time, Saturday,I’ll give you the right time, 7.30pm,You future dream was a shopping scheme...Tithebarn?

By The Newsroom
Friday, 30th May 2014, 10:00 pm
The Sex Pistols Experience
The Sex Pistols Experience

The Sex Pistols Experience play 53 Degrees and are the tribute band to the punks who shocked the establishment.

In fact, they are so convincing that the BBC, Sky TV, Channel4, Fox TV and a new movie Who Killed Nancy? have all hired them for re-enactments.

The Sex Pistols Experience are also the only band to have had the thumbs-up, or should that be stiff little fingers up, approval from the original Sex Pistols.

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While on tour in America they were invited as ‘special guests’ on Jonesys Jukebox –Pistols’ guitarist Steve Jones’ acclaimed radio show – spending the afternoon playing a few Pistols favourites live on air together.

Their show has perfected the look and sound down to every last detail.

Expect to hear rousing renditions of Pretty Vacant, God Save The Queen, Anarchy in the U.K., and Holidays in the Sun, The Sex Pistols Experience can help you relive 1976, even if you weren’t born.

Supporting them will be Blackpool band Dischord.

“An unrelenting juggernaut that leaves you feeling flame-licked” (Punktastic), Dischord are without doubt one of the hottest new acts in the blistering punk scene.

“Their high energy performances, injected with singalong charm, has won fans up and down the UK, and their original material could be the best thing to happen to punk since 1977!”