80s star still going strong

Kim Wilde, Preston Guild Hall
Kim WildeKim Wilde
Kim Wilde

Age is but a number...never is that cliche more appropriate than when it comes to music.

How true that was when 80s pop icon Kim Wilde burst on to the stage (literally) at Preston’s Guild Hall.

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After decades away, apart from spells on the festival scene, the gutsy 57-year-old blonde bombshell brought her Here Come The Aliens tour to an eager audience.

The diehard pop-rockers weren’t in the least bit put off by her strange black leather outfit which, by her own admission, looked like she was off to ride the motocross circuit.

The playlist was an eclectic mix of hits from the past to tracks from her new album and had people dancing in the aisles from the minute the first beat sounded.

Some of the new tracks, like her outfit, were a bit weird but given most of the content was inspired by an ‘extra-terrestial experience’ that was understandable.

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Slotted in alongside old favourites like Water on Glass, Cambodia and Four Letter Word, the new sounds meant for a nice mix.

Showing little sign of ever being away, Kim Wilde proved a true professional. Her voice and stamina were as good as ever.