Salvation for Wyre biker Lyndon Poskitt ahead of Austrian rally

Lyndon in the video he posted to Facebook. Photo via
Lyndon in the video he posted to Facebook. Photo via
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A top Wyre motorcyclist, who was left on the verge of tears after heartless thieves stole thousands of pounds of expensive equipment, has been spared race misery.

Lyndon Poskitt, from St Michaels, revealed in an emotional video on his Facebook page that he had ‘nearly been in tears’ after find that his gear – including two Alta Motors bikes, gear, two new Honda generators, tools, his team’s camera equipment and a laptop – was stolen from his van on Monday, May 28 on his trip to compete in the Erzberg Rodeo in Austria at the beginning of the month.

The 38-year-old two-time Dakar finisher and Races to Places YoutTube hero (inset) said: “Guys I am completely besides myself, I’ve just nearly been in tears.

“I’m on the M11 junction seven heading south towards the Channel Tunnel to go to Erzberg.

“Someone has broken into my van and stolen everything.

“Both Altas, generators, tools, camera equipment – everything going to Erzberg.

“This has just ruined everything.

“Everything that I have done has just been totally taken away from me by these imbeciles.

“Please get the word out there and lets get these bikes back and lets get to Erzberg.”

Lyndon has pleaded with his fanbase to share the video far and wide, saying his two Alta Motors are the only two in the country.

In an update, Lyndon said there was no good news about the theft, but that Alta Motors had come to the rescue, providing the biker with a kit for the race including one of their next generation electric bikes.

“Alta Motors have been fantastic, the whole team have pulled the stops out to get stuff shipped [to Erzberg], to find a bike,” Lyndon said.

“It’s totally crazy but I can’t thank everybody enough for getting behind us and making it happen despite what these people have done, we’re not letting it get in the way of our Erzberg attempt.”

Lyndon pulled out of the race on the last day to give a team-mate a better chance of winning.