Spring cleaning ‘can help save your life’

Test: Check smoke alarms
Test: Check smoke alarms
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SPRING cleaning could help save your life, according to Lancashire firefighters.

Householders are being urged to include a fire check in their annual post-winter clean-up - testing smoke alarms and working out an escape route in the event of a blaze.

Phil Cox, head of service development for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, has issued an alert, warning: “Just two to three breaths of toxic smoke could leave you unconscious, so every second counts when it comes to escaping from a fire.

“Having a working smoke alarm and knowing your escape plan could make all the difference.

“Make sure you’re as prepared as you can be, keep your exits clear and make sure you discuss your plan with everyone so they know what to do should the worst happen.”

Fire crews say clearing up clutter can help make escape easier if fire strikes. “Testing your smoke alarm is clearly very important, but ensuring you have an escape plan is equally so. Do you know where your nearest exit is or what your back up plan would be?”