Warning after fatty grill pan causes Preston house fire

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Two fire engines were called to a grill pan fire in Preston this evening.

The engines from Preston’s Red Watch went to a house fire at Peacock Hill Close, involving a grill pan inside an oven at around 8pm this evening.

A spokesman for the fire service said: “On arrival all occupants had exited the property and stated that the grill pan was on fire with the ground floor smoke logged.

“One team wearing breathing apparatus entered the property and extinguished the fire and removed the pan to the outside rear garden. A positive pressure ventilation unit was used to clear the smoke on the ground floor.

“On further investigation it was discovered that the grill pan had been placed back in the oven with a moderate amount of fat residue still left in. The ovens grill had been left on and had ignited the fat in the grill pan.”

The smoke from the oven had set off the smoke alarms and a woman and her son and daughter were all able to leave the house safely and dial 999.

The spokesman added: “Smoke alarms save lives, always regularly check and test your smoke alarms are working properly. Smoke alarms alerted the family early enough to exit the property and to a place of safety.

“Always ensure grills, pan and containers have been cleaned of fat residue before using to cook.”