Twenty-year-old Bethany set to release fourth book in two years

Aspiring author Bethany Speight, 20 from Walton-le-Dale
Aspiring author Bethany Speight, 20 from Walton-le-Dale
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A young author who aspires to be the next J K Rowling is set to release her fourth book in just two years next month.

While other 20-year-olds struggle to find their passion in life, Bethany Speight is churning out novels with books five, six and seven already in the pipeline.

The Walton-le-Dale youngster spends every waking minute outside her full-time job putting pen to paper and next month sees the release of her fourth self-published book.

“I just absolutely love writing,” Bethany said. “Whenever I’m not working I’m writing or thinking about what can be my next book.

“My inspiration originally came from my grandad’s storytelling about the war and when he was a child but it can come from anything - television, dreams and other books I’ve read.

“I’m building up quite a collection at home I think I’ve got nearly 300 books.”

She juggled writing her first book between doing her college work for her performing arts course at Cardinal Newman College when she was just 17-years-old.

Bethany’s first three books were self-confessed romance tales but she says there’s something different in store for the fourth entitled ‘Let’s Play A Game’.

She said: “This one is going to be more of a horror/thriller. It’s something I’ve always wanted to write and hopefully people are going to like it.

“Although I’ve self-published all my books so far, I’ve started to send them off to publishers and it’d be amazing if someone picked them up and wanted to publish them.

“I am inspiring to be the next Jackie Collins or J K Rowling, or hoping to be. I know I wont be as great as them but I can try. I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter books and I’d love to write something along the fantasy lines.”

Bethany’s previous books include ‘It’s Right In Front Of You’, ‘Twenty Things’ and ‘Forever Running’ and are all available to buy on Amazon.

“My plans for the future are just to keep writing and see what happens,” Bethany said. “I still have so many ideas for different books but once I’ve finished writing those I think I’ll be going travelling.

“That’ll hopefully give me even more ideas for more books and one day I’d really like to be able to give up my job and write books full time.”