Preston taxi driver ‘should be banned’

Robert Greggor with his guide dog Angel
Robert Greggor with his guide dog Angel
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A blind man says he was left humiliated after a Preston taxi driver refused to transport him because he had a guide dog.

Psychotherapy student Robert Greggor, who lives on Brook Street, told the taxi operator he had his assistance dog Angel with him – but when cabbie Shahzad Ahmed arrived to take his fare at a bowling alley, he refused to take them home.

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Now, the cabbie has been fined for breaching equality laws and has been warned by Preston Council’s Taxi Licensing department about his future conduct.

But Robert, 25, who moved to Preston from the Isle of Man to study a degree at the University of Central Lancashire, says the incident left him upset and humiliated.

Here's what you had to say:

Pathetic sentence. Should have been banned for life from holding a taxi licence of any description. The humiliation this person suffered because of another person’s disrespect of the law can not be measured.

Paul-Aaron Van de Rooy

Not so much disrespect for the law, but disrespect for a fellow human being.

Alistair Woodburn

He should have been sacked and had his taxi licence taken off him. Disrespectful . A fine is like a slap on the hand. Bet he had a good laugh back at the office . Anyone reading this name and shame him don’t get in his taxi .

Ken Ster

If you’re not willing to take guide dogs in your cab, don’t be a taxi driver.

Iain Alton

So sorry to read of this incident but so glad to hear of prosecution...hope it is a loud clear warning to ALL taxi drivers

Anne Hyde

He should be sacked no questions.

John Lambie

The council has a responsibility when issuing taxi licences to ask the perspective driver if they are capable of dealing with this type of scenario, if that answer is no regardless of religious beliefs they shouldn’t be issued with a licence.

Mark Roberts

Personal apology would go along way, face to face too

Terry Mog Langford

Should do more tests on taxi drivers

Anthoney Myers

He should have been sacked.... how disgusting to do that to the poor lad

Susannah Reid

Disgusting! I wonder what he would have thought/ said if it was him?

Christine Caunce

Disgusting these taxi drivers need checking out

Catherine Siran Petherwick

The council should take his badge off him

Trev Wilson

If he doesn’t want to abide by the council rules, he needs to look for other employment. Should have been a £600 fine.

Barbara Woods

Why a written warning? He knew the rules, it should be goodbye licence.

David Foster