Preston Guild Hall debt claims: Promoter is considering applying for a winding up order over allegations venue owes him £10,000 for celebrity chef show

Graham Pullen
Graham Pullen

A second promoter who claims he is owed money by Preston Guild Hall says he is “running out of patience” with the venue.

Graham Pullen, managing director of Special Projects Live, promoted a live show by celebrity chef and broadcaster James Martin at the Guild Hall in October.

Preston Guild Hall

Preston Guild Hall

Documents seen by the Post indicate a debt for ticket sales of £10,743 is being claimed via a statutory demand, presented on February 5.

It comes after BKL, which staged Blood Brothers at the venue last September, said it had also served a statutory demand on March 19, over an alleged debt of nearly £70,000 ticket sales.

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Mr Pullen says he has not been paid within the required 21 days since issuing his demand - and the deadline has now past. This means he could now formally launch a wind-up order against the company.

But he said: “I haven’t pressed the button yet - because as soon as I do, everyone else has lost any chance of getting their debts paid - but I am running out of patience. I have never had a reply to any correspondence.

“Of course it has an effect on my company - £10,000 is not a small amount of money. I emailed Preston Guild Hall last Friday giving them until noon on Monday to pay the outstanding sum - but of course nothing has been paid.”

Guild Hall owner Simon Rigby told the Post: “ Preston Guild Hall Management are all over this. Seems we are in direct contact with them with a view to settling it.”

The Rigby Organisation is the overarching company that controls Mr Rigby’s businesses, which span the leisure, property, energy and care sectors, but in 2016 the Guild Hall was split off and listed as a limited company in its own right.