Preston chippy batters Bailey's for Christmas

John Clarkson with his battered treats'PHOTO: SWNS
John Clarkson with his battered treats'PHOTO: SWNS

A Preston chip shop boss has created what may be Christmas' booziest festive treat - Bailey's bites which are 70 per cent alcohol.

John Clarkson, 59, is behind inspired hybrid-foods such as the battered Crème Egg, fried Ferrero Rocher and Pie-scraper.

But he now come up with a treat not for the faint-hearted which he claims to be a world's first.

The resulting concoction is a crispy battered mould the size of an ice cube which oozes a soft, warm Bailey's centre.

The bites are made by mixing one and a half cups of Bailey's, half a cup of corn flour, one egg and a sprinkle of sugar.

The mixture is beaten and then poured into an ice cube tray which is then put in the fridge to set overnight before being battered and then deep-fried.

The bites aren't for the faint-hearted, as John, who runs Mister Eaters in Ribbleton, says each serving is made up of 70% alcohol.

The £1 bites, which are due to go on sale from Monday, are the perfect accompaniment to John's giant mince pie.

The festive favourite is a remarkable 10 times the normal size and weighs 1 kilogram, made up of two jars of mincemeat, hundreds of calories and serves four people.

John has never sold the mammoth mince pie but anyone wishing to buy it can for £4.99.

He said: "Nobody has made deep fried Bailey's Irish cream before, it's a world's first.

"I make them at home. You put the mixture into a pan and boil it. You then pour the liquid into moulds and put it into the fridge overnight so it sets.

"I had to come up with something for Christmas. I'm always looking to do new things and nobody has done this before. I might have something special here.

"It probably takes about 20 minutes to make the filling. Each one has a crispy coating on the outside and soft Bailey's centre, they are the size of an ice cube.

"I've started offering out samples and they have gone a treat. People generally tend to get two at a time."

John and his wife Corrine, 43, from Garstang, Lancs., are no strangers to wacky food creations since opening the business in 1989.

During Easter the couple created a new answer to the Crème Egg question of 'how do you eat yours?' by turning the chocolate into a pie to serve with chips.

Eschewing the savoury favourites of sausage and egg or mince pies, John decided to wrap the Easter delicacies in pastry before they were battered and deep-fried.

The result was his very own 'Pie-egg-ra' dish - Creme Egg oozing from the traditional pie casing which was served with chips to more adventurous customers for £2.75.

And in 2014 they made the world's largest battered Ferrero Rocher which weighed a whopping 5kg and contained around 25,000 calories.

The dynamic duo are also the proud creators of the Ulti-Meatum, a large cheeseburger, cooked into a larger burger with two other burgers for buns.

It was made by putting one cheeseburger inside another cheeseburger and using two deep-fried cheeseburgers as buns.

In May 2014 they claimed their 30,000-calorie 5ft 4in burger The Pie-scraper to be the world's tallest burger.

He followed that up with deep-fried Spam doughnuts - dispensing with the traditional jam and cream to instead serve up ringed doughnuts filled with the canned meat.