Photo book shows Preston Bus Station as it was

Jamie Hawkesworth captured these images of Preston Bus Station for a new book
Jamie Hawkesworth captured these images of Preston Bus Station for a new book

He first came to Preston to study forensic science but ended up leaving with a degree in photography.

Jamie Hawkesworth grew to love taking pictures through his time on the criminal science course, when he learned to photograph crime scenes.

The UCLan graduate later returned to Preston to take pictures in the city’s iconic bus station – and has published a new book of striking images showing the results.

He spent a month taking the pictures, at a time when the building was threatened with demolition as part of the city council’s Tithebarn redevelopment project.

Jamie said: “What is great about the bus station is that it’s like a big loop, you can just keep walking around in a circle. What was wonderful was getting to approach people and take their pictures, for a brief moment you got to see into their lives.”

Jamie’s biggest challenge was having to approach and talk to complete strangers, which he described as “difficult and very nerve-wracking.”

The building has since been listed and is being refurbished, but it still divides opinion.

Jamie said: “It’s just the nature of any kind of public building. Some people see it as just a bus station whereas, some people who love architecture, they see it as much more than that. That’s how I feel. But it has really changed, it’s not what it used to be. I think it has definitely lost its charm. That’s why I wanted to document it now, to show how it has turned out. People used to scrape their names in all the wood to give it a personal touch but, that has all been covered in now.”

The book’s latest run has sold out at the Harris Museum but can be ordered by emailing