Make the pledge to pedal

On yer bikes - make the pledge to get fit
On yer bikes - make the pledge to get fit
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PRESTON residents and community organisations took the opportunity to pledge to be active at the Preston PedalFest event.

Preston Sport and Physical Activity alliance (SPAA) have launched a Pledge campaign to inspire, encourage and motivate people to take the first step to becoming active and making a positive lifestyle change.

They are encouraging folk to pledge to increase participation, improve communication about being active or improve sports facilities. Among those joining in at Pedalfest was Preston Mayor John Collins.

The SPAA says lack of activity can contribute to poor health and premature death.

It aims to work with partners, stakeholders and organisations to improve the physical activity levels in Preston by empowering more people, to become more active, more often, in more places.

Adrian Ibbetson, chairman of the Preston SPAA, said: “I think that the pledge concept is a really creative and positive way to encourage Preston’s residents to be active.”

Join in today and take your first step to #GetPrestonActive by pledging via social media platform, Instagram @getprestonactive_