'I'm not the man' - robbery accused tells court

One of the cars alleged to have been involved in Longridge raid
One of the cars alleged to have been involved in Longridge raid

A Preston man accused of robbing a Longridge family used to work for them, it has been revealed.

Scott Peters, 26, of Harbour Lane, Preston, was in the witness stand at Preston Crown Court giving evidence.

He denies being among three men who stole a cache of 14 firearms, ammunition, cash and jewellery. during a raid at a rural home in Longridge, on February 11, 2014, in which it is alleged a mum and her children were tied up.

Co-defendants Zainul James, 24, of Albert Terrace, Deepdale, Preston, and Dean McGrath, 25, of no fixed abode, are also accused of robbery.

Quizzed about the family’s home he said: “The first time I started work I got the bus there and knocked on the front door. I was taken through the kitchen and hallway to the office.

“Other than that I would always walk down the side of the house when I arrived and wait in the van.”

Previously an officer told the court it was believed Peters was driving a Ford Focus, while another man was driving a Ford Fiesta in convoy before the incident.

A witness had reported seeing the two cars moments before the raid and had described the driver of a dark coloured vehicle as “chubby faced, white and about 25 years old”.

Aked if he thought he fitted the description he replied: “ I knew I hadn’t been parked outside that house. I was not the man she was describing.”