Gap Outlet in Preston looks set to close

Gap Outlet
Gap Outlet
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A landmark Preston store appears to be closing.

The Gap Outlet store at the Capitol Centre has a sign on the door saying: 'This store will be closing on August 5, 2017'.

Gap Outlet

Gap Outlet

The store is also having a 60 per cent off sale but a member of staff said it isn't a closing down sale.

The member of staff, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "The sale is just in line with what all of our others stores are doing.

"We were all told in May the store would be closing because the store's lease is up and they're not renewing it.

"I think there's about 20 members of staff losing their jobs although some of the management have been offered to go to other stores."

The nearest Gap Outlet will now be in shopping outlet Freeport Fleetwood, 30 miles away.

Despite numerous attempts Gap has not provided a comment on the future of the store.

It is not known if another store will open in the city or if the closure is permanent.