Preston solicitors deny insurance fraud plot

Liverpool Crown Court
Liverpool Crown Court

Two solicitors from Preston have denied their involvement in fraud plots.

Nadir Suleman and trainee solicitor Wasim Iqbal were in the dock at Liverpool Crown Court along with two other solicitors and three other Preston men.

Suleman, 30, of Clement Road, Fulwood, and delivery driver Arif Patel, 32, of Highgate Avenue, Fulwood, both pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to defraud along with solicitor Aadiel Salya and Yasin Salya between January and July 1, 2014.

It is alleged that they plotted to defraud insurance companies by creating false documents and making false claims tor hiring replacement motor vehicles.

The court heard that Aadiel Salya, 28, of Church Brow, Walton-le-Dale and Yasin Salya, 36, a self-employed property developer, also of Church Brow intend making applications to have the charges against them dismissed.

Lawyer Wasim Iqbal, 26, of Manor Avenue, Fulwood and recruitment consultant Alexander Butler, of Parklands Drive, Fulwood, both pleaded not guilty to conspiring between the same dates to defraud insurance companies by making false documents and producing false medical reports which suggested medical treatment was required.

Nadim Iqbal, 28, of Greyfriars Avenue, Fulwood, has already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the companies by making false documents and false claims for hiring replacement vehicles and producing medical reports suggesting treatment was required.

The men were arrested after an investigation by the City of London’s Police insurance fraud enforcement unit and the fraud is alleged to involve in the region of £950,000.

All the defendants were further released on bail. Nadir Suleman and Arif Patel are to face trial beginning on January 27 and the trial of Wassim Iqbal and Butler is to begin on February 6.

The application by the Salya’s to dismiss the charge against them is to be heard on June 27.