Our Marcus named country’s sexiest butcher

Britain's sexiest butcher, Marcus Harrison
Britain's sexiest butcher, Marcus Harrison
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PRESTON beefcake Marcus Harrison has been named Britain’s Sexiest Butcher.

The 22-year-old from Fulwood stormed to victory in the Meat Trades Journal competition, scoring a quarter of all votes made for the 12 finalists via Facebook.

Marcus, whose grandfather was a butcher in Ribbleton and whose dad works as a meat inspector, said: “My family can’t believe it. I’m pleased too, it’s all positive, though my mates are getting a laugh out of it.

“It’s a definite conversation starter.”

Marcus began working for Alan Livesey butchers on Preston Market when he was 15 on his Saturday’s off from school.

He said: “At that time I didn’t want to get into it as a career, but when I started getting more confident with my knife skills, I began to enjoy it a lot more.”

Britain's sexiest butcher, Marcus Harrison

Britain's sexiest butcher, Marcus Harrison

Marcus also works as a part-time personal trainer and has used his interest in fitness to create a range of new products including chicken sausages.

He said: “We do extra lean and no fat products and they’re proving really popular, not just with those into the gym, but for anyone watching their 

“This is the 21st century and it’s about giving people more options. They also know that our meat is always fresh and locally farmed.”

He added: “Even though it’s a bit of a laugh I hope it raises awareness of the local independent butchers and the fact you should try to shop local rather than in big supermarkets.

“And it goes against a lot of stereotypes that butchers are fat old men. In fact there’s a lot of young men and women out there, working hard and succeeding as the next generation of butchers.”

Aidan Fortune of the Meat Trades Journal, which held the competition during National Butchers’ Week, said: “It’s a fun event to show appreciation of the work our independent butchers do.

“Marcus stormed to victory, and although he’s a good-looking lad, it wasn’t just about the physical side of things, it was about having sexy skills.

“Marcus has identified a new market for fitness and it’s fantastic. We need as many people like him as we can.”