‘Dangerous’ manhole open for months

Manhole open on Hawkshead Road, Preston.
Manhole open on Hawkshead Road, Preston.
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A grandad says he has for feared his children’s safety for months after a manhole was left uncovered.

Dave Ryan who lives on Hawkshead Road in Fulwood, Preston, says he has been contacting the council about the “dangerous” hole since January.

Manhole open on Hawkshead Road, Preston.

Manhole open on Hawkshead Road, Preston.

And the 56-year-old BAE Systems worker says he worries about letting his six grandchildren play outside when they come to stay.

“A heavy car or van must have driven over the man hole and broken it so it was becoming dangerous.

“I’ve been contacting the council since January but no one comes. As you can see from the photos it is dangerous. It’s at the side of a child’s play area.”

The road is near Preston East Children’s Centre and Brookfield Community Primary School.

Dave said: “Some could’ve fallen down it and at night people getting out of their cars might not see it. I’ve kept covering it but it’s impossible for me to baby sit it 24/7.

“I just want to see it get fixed and sorted so children in the area aren’t in danger when playing out.”

Dan Chalmers, area highways manager for Lancashire County Council, which looks after the road, said: “We inspected this utility cover when the problem was reported and found that, while the cover was still in place, it was broken exposing a small hole which caused a risk to pedestrians. We reported it to United Utilities and the area was made safe using barriers.

“We understand that United Utilities are due to visit the site at the earliest opportunity to replace the cover.”

A spokesman for United Utilities said it was only informed of the problem on May 2 and put a temporary cover over it immediately.

The spokesman said a permanent cover would be installed imminently.