False alarm at St Georges Shopping Centre in Preston

St Georges Shopping Centre
St Georges Shopping Centre
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A daily fire alarm in Preston town centre caused a bit of a ripple this morning when it went off.

The alarm test, which goes off everyday at St Georges Shopping Centre at 7.50am, is normally programmed to be silent.

But this morning it went off loud and staff who were in the centre had to be evacuated.

Posting on Facebook Adam Hadfield wrote: "My partner's just texted me saying there’s alarms going off in town and a women announcing there is an incident and to await further instructions? Evacuations - any details anyone??"

A spokesman for the shopping centre in Friargate said: "They tested their fire alarm this morning.

"The shopping centre wasn't open but some staff had to evacuate.

"They do it every morning, it's usually a silent test but it went of loud today for some reason."