Could you be the next "Mrs Toxic Terry" as reformed Preston solvent abuser looks for love?

Terrence Ashcroft
Terrence Ashcroft

A man who was once Preston’s most notorious vagrant says he is ready for romance after turning his life around.

Terry Ashcroft, 47, who calls himself Toxic Terry - a tag that became infamous during his days of solvent abuse - says dating is the next step on his road to recovery.

His penchant for solvent abuse led to him becoming homeless, jobless, jailed and eventually sectioned.

But Terry has been out of trouble for eight years and has cleaned up his act.

He is now living a bachelor lifestyle in supported accommodation in Fulwood, but is looking for a special person to spend his days with.

The hopeful romantic says he has embarked on two relationships in recent months - but both ended in disaster. His fledgling efforts to find love were dashed when his first flame moved away and later ended up in prison.

He then had a brief encounter with a woman, who moved away.

Terry asked the Post to publish an article saying: “I just want to go on a date, someone to go to McDonalds with. Or someone to just go out with on a Friday and Saturday night.

“I’m probably not the romantic type but I do want to settle down eventually - I’m in my 40s now.

“ I’m finding it hard to find the right person and I don’t want kids.

“I’ve been single for about four months. Living in the sticks in Fulwood it’s hard to meet anyone.”

While some would say he is ‘infamous’, and not necessarily for the right reasons, Terry believes he is intelligent with a good sense of humour.

He is a clean living, churchgoing Abba fan and a regular at the court where he observes cases - this time from the public gallery and not the dock.