Clarke Carlisle to run London Marathon

PHOTO: NEIL CROSS Clarke Carlisle
PHOTO: NEIL CROSS Clarke Carlisle
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Former footballer Clarke Carlisle is set to run the London Marathon on Sunday, heralding a miraculous recovery from the road crash that nearly killed him.

The former PNE, Blackpool and Burnley defender stepped in front of a lorry in December 2014, in what he later admitted was an attempt to kill himself.

He suffered severe injuries, but has now recovered enough to attempt the 26-mile road race this weekend.

He told a national newspaper: “I should be dead. The physical damage should have been irreversible but I was walking within a few days and a few months down the line I’m doing a marathon. It overwhelms me in a positive sense how miraculous it is to still have motor functions and use of my body. I’m delighted, blessed that I can use my life.”

He is running the marathon for the cancer charity the Bobby Moore Foundation.