Build for 130 homes at Keyfold Farm in Broughton

Build for 130 homes at Keyfold Farm in Broughton
Build for 130 homes at Keyfold Farm in Broughton
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Details for a house build for 130 homes at a farm in Broughton are now before town planners.

Keyfold Farm at 430 Garstang Road already has the green light for homes to come to the site.

However, a second application lays out designs for the detail in the development proposals.

Planning documents from agent Emery Planning Partnership on behalf of applicant Wainhomes state: “The principle of development has already been established through the grant of outline planning permission last year.

“This statement therefore addresses the detailed matters which were reserved for future consideration as part of that outline planning application - layout, scale, appearance and landscaping.

“The submitted layout shows the provision of 46 affordable housing units.

“The affordable housing units proposed would comprise a mixture of two and three bedroom properties and have been spread across the development; these units would be indistinguishable from the open-market units.”

The affordable homes planned for the farm would make up 35 per cent of the overall housing provision.

Outline planning permission granted last year addressed set out how motorists would access the site via the A6 Garstang Road.

Documents say: “The gross density of development would be approximately 19 dwellings per hectare, which is a low-density scheme and this allows for extensive open space and soft planting through the development.”

The dwellings proposed are two-storeys high, and provide a mix of detached, semi-detached and terrace design.