North West workers ‘do an extra 180 hours a year’

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Almost three quarters of office staff are so overwhelmed with work they have to put in 180 extra hours every year, according to new research.

In the North West, the average worker will stay late at work once a week.

He or she spends 44 minutes in the office working outside of contracted hours each week.

And the average worker works through their lunch break twice a week.

The shocking statistics, gathered by printer and ink suppliers, found that even during their hard-earned leisure time staff can struggle to relax.

Brits spend on average, an extra 44 minutes every week – that’s 36 hours annually – checking emails, answering phone calls and completing other tasks originally scheduled for their contracted hours.

Over 51 hours a year are spent working late, with two thirds of staff still in the office after hours at least once a week, while six per cent NEVER go home on time.

Many employees are also having to toil away while they dine at their desks.