Man jailed for raping his own mother

Liverpool Crown Court
Liverpool Crown Court

A violent controlling bully raped his own mum - and blamed it on the stress of being accused of raping his girlfriend a week earlier.

Jailing the 29-year-old, from Wigan, Judge Elizabeth Nicholls said she had “absolutely no doubt” that he is a dangerous offender.

“Your compulsive sexual offending is compounded by jealousy, issues of power and control and substance mis-use.”

She said that the man had been granted bail after raping his girlfriend and then “committed the horrific offences on your mother and you still seek to explain and to excuse your conduct away by reference to the stress of the situation you found yourself in.

“Most people being arrested for serious offences of rape might try to address their issues but it doesn’t seem that you have done so.”

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the man, who is from Wigan and cannot be identified for legal reasons, sexually assaulted and raped his girlfriend.

While on bail he went into his mum’s bedroom at 4am one morning and while threatening her with a screwdriver forced her to perform a lewd act on him and then raped her. He left the scene in her car and was arrested near Jodrell Bank, said Neville Biddle, prosecuting.

The defendant was convicted of raping his former girlfriend, sexually assaulting her and assault causing actual bodily harm after a trial and still denies those offences.

After his conviction he had started hurling abuse to the woman in the public gallery and leapt up against the dock’s security screen.

He refused to let go and as he was dragged down the panel shattered with broken shards of glass flying across the dock.

He pleaded guilty to two rape offences on his mum and sexually assaulting her and was sentenced to a total of 15 years for the attacks on both women with six months consecutive for contempt of court.

The judge also imposed an extended six-year licence which means he will have to serve at least 10 years behind bars and it will be up the Parole Board when he is released.

Judge Nicholls told him: “You sought to limit your responsibility by blaming your actions on drugs and alcohol and suggesting you only behaved in this fashion because you were facing false allegations.

“It is such a lack of insight which causes the most concern to the court.”

A psychiatric report shows he has a potential dis-social personality disorder and the author had expressed concern about his “callous unconcern for others, low tolerance of frustration and inability to experience guilt.”

The report concluded that he is a person “of ongoing risk of harm to others which is likely to remain pervasive and long term and has limited insight and concern about the detrimental impact of your behaviour on others.”

The defendant has previous convictions for assaulting former girlfriends but his longest jail sentence has only been five months, said his barrister Brian McKenna.