Everything you need to know about hosepipe bans

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As the hosepipe ban in the North West is called off, United Utilities has warned that it may still need to introduce a ban if the dry weather continues throughout the summer.

Here is everything you need to know hosepipe bans:

Everything you need to know about hosepipe bans

Everything you need to know about hosepipe bans

• A ‘Temporary Use Ban’, or hosepipe ban, restricts the private use of hosepipes or sprinklers for activities like watering gardens, washing cars and cleaning windows

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• Though no hosepipe ban is currently in place in the south of England, both Severn Trent Water and South East Water have asked customers to be vigilant with their water and avoid non-essential use, while Thames Water pumped an extra 450 million litres into their network to meet exceptional demand in June

• United Utilities recommends making small changes to daily habits - like spending less time in the shower - to conserve water, as the UK experienced its driest summer since 1961

• When a hosepipe ban is in place, breaching it could see the offender hit with a fine of up to £1,000

• However, exceptions to the ban exist - such as watering plants for commercial use, or using a hosepipe for health and safety reasons - though permission must be sought from the water utility first