Man impales hand on trampoline spring

Osprey Place, Leyland. Image courtesy of Google
Osprey Place, Leyland. Image courtesy of Google
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Emergency services were called to a Leyland trampoline park after a man impaled his hand on a spring.

The accident is said to have happened around 7.30pm on Tuesday while the member of staff at Tramp2lean in Osprey Place was carrying out maintenance work.

Firefighters said they were not required to cut the man free from the trampoline, but he was taken to hospital by ambulance and doctors removed the spring.

Centre owner Ian Quigley said the man was not badly injured and will be back at work today.

He said: “Spring replacement is done routinely three times per week by trained staff from underneath the trampoline frame. This is of no danger to customers from above as our springs are impossible to get to due to safety measures in place.

“We have four trampoline parks which started 16 months ago, so this is a one-off incident that will not go without investigation.”