YOUR COMMENTS: Anger over Chorley hospital’s A&E closure

FRONT PAGE: A&E shut shock
FRONT PAGE: A&E shut shock
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Following the confirmation that Chorley hospital’s A&E department is to close from Monday hundreds of you took to social media to air your concerns over the decision.

Here are just some of the many comments posted to social media yesterday.

Kay Washford: This doesn’t surprise me after last night, my 2 year old Grandaughter was waiting for hours last night at Chorley A&E after a severe bang to her head and unfortunately had to go home at 12.30am without been checked by a Doctor, fortunately she was ok and mum went with no sleep to keep an eye on her, The Government are a disgrace cutting all the funding.

Catherine Woods: This is awful news. Chorley A&E department were great with my 2 year old when she had pneumonia. They picked it up straight away unlike our doctors who said it was viral and said not to worry about it. How are we going to get seen by a doctor when you can never get an appointment for weeks.

Marie Dixon: From Leyland, it takes about 15 minutes to get to Chorley, they’ve saved my sons life, Preston takes over 50 minutes, time is vital for babies, and serious emergencies!

Trish Breakell: So let me get this right if you live in Chorley and you have a nasty accident say , you must pay for a taxi or get Two buses to reach Preston A&E . How does that work in 2016 it’s. Not 1916.

Sandra Pilkington: This is dreadful news. No wonder A&E s are overwhelmed when smaller ones are closing and everything is being directed to a few central ones! This will put huge pressure on Preston.

Amy Kenyon: How awful and disgraceful. If it wasn’t for Chorley hospital and it’s wonderful Drs, my dad would not have received the exceptional treatment he so desperately needed. RPH was FULL so by a fluke was taken to Chorley and it was the best thing that could have happened to him. Where are patients in South Ribble and Chorley supposed to go now when Preston is full and so far stretched that they can’t even treat their patients properly???!!

John Cottom: An absolute disgrace with no consideration given to the people of Chorley and surrounding areas,get this government thrown out before they destroy everything.

Dom Holding: This happened with Blackburn/Burnley. Burnley is now an urgent care centre but Blackburn ED is frequently overwhelmed, and the service can’t cope.

Stephen Kay: It’s really come to something when they start shutting essential services like this is it any wonder the country is on its knees what an absolute disgrace...Cameron and his cronies should hang their heads in shame progress eh...

Samantha Preece: This ridiculous. My daughter had dka back in October and if it wasn’t for Chorley a and e she wouldn’t be here now. There is no way she would have survived the journey to Preston. How very sad.

Paul Thorniley: So close to the motorway for emergencies. Absolutely shocking! Of all the things to cut back on, this is definitely NOT one of them.

Patricia Smith: This is appalling. Just spent loads on an extension now not available. Going back years ago to a cottage hospital. Can’t belive it. Can anyone tell me what has gone wrong with the system?

Leah Louise: Absolute joke... What are people meant to do... Magically fly over to Wigan or Preston?! Its JUST had an extension and they shut it down..ugh

Dave Nelson: Shocking!! Conservatism for you!! This situation would never occur anywhere south of Watford, that’s for sure!

Lisa Hughes: There aren’t enough doctors available to staff it safely so the cases have to go to departments where there are more doctors. Unfortunately the problems getting enough doctors in future is not going to be helped by the way junior doctors are being treated by this government.

Joyce Green Howard: The entire hospital won’t be open in ten years time.. You all better start paying in to a private care plan because the NHS won’t be around in twenty years time at all, .. The writing on the wall is in pencil just got some big wig to join the dots..

Stephen Murtagh: Outrageous! I understand why, but are the extra staff going the be at RPH to deal with the heavier workload?

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