Two punters scoop £200,000 in Lancashire’s ‘luckiest town’

Betfred winner Stephen Griffiths
Betfred winner Stephen Griffiths
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A lucky punter is celebrating after scooping more than £13,500 with just a 25p football bet.

And the 40-year-old painter and decorator from Chorley has followed in the footsteps of fortune of another big winner in town who pocketed a whopping £186,000 on the Irish Lotto just days ago.

Stephen Griffiths correctly predicted the results of nine football matches in four countries.

He beat odds of nearly 55,000-1 to win £13,599 which he going to use to treat his girlfriend to a dream holiday in America.

His accumulator came up after Sevilla beat the mighty Real Madrid – the first time the Spanish superstars have lost in 40 matches.

And it was only possible because Stephen remembered a friendly chat with a pensioner punter in a Betfred branch in Chorley who gave him some priceless advice.

Stephen said: “This fella, I remember he was wearing a flat cap and had a walking stick, he took the time to talk to me about accumulators and how it’s best to put on a small stake and look out for drawn matches because they are the hardest to predict and therefore have the more attractive odds.

“This guy, who was in his 70s, really did give me great advice and if I see him again I will be giving him a back-hander, I’m so grateful.”

Stephen, of Regent Road, Chorley, was at his girlfriend Nicky’s home in Southport, when he put his bet on at the Betfred shop.

The Manchester United fan, who has never been to Old Trafford, has vowed to put that right now he’s in the money – and also have a dream holiday in Los Angeles with boutique owner Nicky and get himself a new car.

He said: “Ever since that chat with the pensioner five years ago I’ve been putting on a 25p accumulator every week on the World Coupon at Betfred.

“I’ve stuck with it and it’s paid off brilliantly.

“Last Sunday I was listening to the results coming in on the radio and being a United fan was hoping Everton would hammer City, which they did, of course.

“I must admit I went to bed not knowing the results from Spain and a couple of games in Italy.

“I went into Betfred on Monday morning and realised all my nine games in the accumulator were right.

“I rang Nicky from the shop and she couldn’t believe it either and had to sit down to take it in. This is by far my biggest win, although I picked up £400 a while back.”

“The priority now is to get to Los Angeles for a great holiday – and buy a new car.

“I’ve been with Nicky a few years and her sister got married just before Christmas, so, you never know, what will happen in that regard! I’m teetotal, having never taken to drink, so maybe our celebration will be a Chinese meal and I’ll give my mum and dad a couple of quid! I love Manchester United although I’ve never been to Old Trafford, believe it or not. I grew up loving the way Bryan Robson played; a proper player who used to turn out whatever injury he had.”

Betfred boss Fred Done, said: “This is what we’re all about...big winners from tiny stakes and I’ll tell you what, Stephen can borrow my United ticket for an Old Trafford game this season. I’m chuffed to bits for Stephen – and I hope he tracks down the old boy who gave him that little bit of inside knowledge. Stephen’s win is a tremendous achievement so big congratulations to a fellow red.”

The huge £186,000 Irish Lotto winner was a 52-year-old forklift truck driver from Chorley, who has asked not to be named. The timber yard worker won £150,000 from a £1 bet, placed in Chorley, when all five of his numbers came in and £9,000 on four separate £1 bets matching four of his numbers.

His win was one of the biggest cash prizes ever won at Betfred on any of the 11 lotteries. The winner, who selected numbers of the metric measurements he uses in his job, said he would not be leaving work.

“It hasn’t even crossed my mind to stop working,” he said.