Police step up patrols in bid to cut anti-social behaviour

Buckshaw Parkway Railway station
Buckshaw Parkway Railway station
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Groups of teenagers are spreading discord in Buckshaw Village with reports of anti-social behaviour.

Since late January police have received an increase in calls relating to young people causing nuisance in the area.

There have been reports of egg throwing and attempts to flood the toilets of Buckshaw Community Centre, causing damage.

To deal with the issue, members of the neighbourhood policing team have stepped up patrols in the vicinity. They have committed to tackle the problem until it is fully resolved.

Officers from Chorley Neighbourhood, The Special Constabulary and British Transport Police have been working together to identify those involved and deal with them appropriately.

At times police have even taken the teenagers involved home to their parents with the Police Early Action Department conducting follow up visits.

Labour borough councillor Matthew Lynch, who represents Astley and Buckshaw, said: “I’m aware that police have had a number of instances where they have literally taking kids back to their parents’ houses.

“Extra PCSOs have been put in place to keep up the police presence in the village and the new community beat manager is in place.

“The issues are very low level but they have a massive influence in community confidence. What we need is increased presence which will build up the confidence again that has been lost locally.”

Problem areas include Crompton Walk next to the Community Centre, near the shopping area around fast food restaurant company Subway, supermarket chain Tesco and Buckshaw Parkway railway station.

Mr Lynch also told the Guardian that officials were looking into patrolling the trains coming into Buckshaw to ensure travellers are buying tickets.

He said: “The kids that are coming into Buckshaw are getting on the trains and not paying their fares.

A spokesman for the neighbourhood policing team, said: “Recently we have been stepping up patrols on Buckshaw Village to deal with teenage groups causing anti-social behaviour.

“From observations there appears to be fewer teenage groups congregating on Buckshaw Village and these groups appear to be better behaved.”

Police patrols are set to continue.

Meanwhile witnesses to anti-social-behaviour can contact the neighbourhood policing team by phoning 01257 246225 or phone 101.