Birds Eye advert axed over water safety fears

Beckie Ramsay with images of Dylan
Beckie Ramsay with images of Dylan
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An advert featuring Captain Birds Eye jumping into the sea with his grandson has been pulled after pressure from a Chorley campaigner whose son died swimming in open water.

In the clip, which has been live for about a month, a narrator says: “Captain Birds Eye loves the simple things, like jumping into cold water on a hot day with his grandson.”

The duo are then shown plunging into the water from their boat.

But Beckie Ramsay, whose 13-year-old son died in 2011 swimming in reservoir in Whittle-le-Woods, has been campaigning and educating people for the last six years against doing just that.

She said: “For the last six years I have been teaching kids not to jump into cold water on a hot day because that is a way to get cold water shock and lose your life.

“I saw the end of the ad a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t believe what I’d heard the first time but then I saw it again.”

Beckie’s son Dylan had died after swimming in open water on a warm, sunny day. After about 20 minutes he began to struggle, despite being a strong swimmer.

Losing him led Beckie to launch a water safety campaign Doing It For Dylan. She was determined to make sure that other young people knew the dangers.

After appealing on social media, bosses at the firm arranged a phone conversation with her. She said: “It was really positive and immediately they said ‘we are pulling it’."