YOUR VIEW: Why the axe fell on Preston's Big Day Out

Moor Park was to have been the scene of the festival
Moor Park was to have been the scene of the festival
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The Big Day Out Festival, which was due to come to Preston for the first time this summer, has been cancelled, according to a statement posted on an online ticket website.‘

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Poor ticket sales’ have been blamed for the decision which comes less than two months after organisers confirmed plans to bring the event to the city.

The Big Day Out Festival has run successfully in Maidstone in previous years and is also staging an event in Hemel Hempstead in July.

However, a statement on ticket website Skiddle says: “Unfortunately, due to poor ticket sales, we have been forced to cancel (Big Day Out Preston).”

No acts had been confirmed for the event, which was due to take place on August 11 at Moor Park.

I didn’t know anything about it. If this place to buy the tickets, prices, locations etc were advertised better it may have not been cancelled.

Cheryl O’Rourke

Too early to cancel! It’s only February I have organised fundays like this and the bulk of the tickets go the fortnight before event..this is unknown to the Leyland Community,didn’t know it was happening..advertiser’s need to answer these questions..where, when, venue? This would be a very big occasion for local people and those who would travel to be there

Karen Beech

How do you cancel an event when people don’t even know about it in the first place?

David Duckworth

I didn’t know anything about it but maybe it would have helped if they’d advertised acts instead of not confirming/saying who was going?

Christine Holden

How on earth do they expect to sell any tickets with no promotion or announced acts _ jokers

Drew Gale

Given this is the first I’ve heard of it, maybe they could have invested in a bit of marketing

John Haines

Needed promoting don’t think they tried hard enogh or give it enogh time. I for one have never heard or seen anything regarding this event.

Jon Ellis

It was only happening in July!! How stupid to cancel it now, thanks for not giving us the chance!!! We actually had a large group of families that were planning on attending

Amy Kenyon

Lancashire festival is on Moor Park on the 21st July hope to see lots of you ther

Lynne Holden

I’ve never seen this advertised - this article is the first I’ve heard of it. Maybe the organisers should have promoted it and given it a little longer that two months over Christmas and New Year, when people are skint, for us to get some money to buy tickets.

Steph Wood

So if I read this right.. no acts had been confirmed or even rumoured, and they’re surprised at slow ticket sales? Someone needs to get a grip!

David Brown

They should now reinstate it, no one knew about it before but they do now.

Elizabeth Fludder