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The Big Sick.
The Big Sick.
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BBC iPlayer: Harry Styles At the BBC

In a BBC Music exclusive, Harry Styles performs new tracks from his number one debut album as a solo artist, alongside covers of classic songs. He’s accompanied by his band and performs in front of a live studio audience. Nick Grimshaw talks to Harry about his extraordinary career.

BBC Three: Love And Drugs On The Street

The eye-opening daily life story of women sleeping rough on Brighton’s streets continues.Paige has had a fresh start in a hostel, but her daughter is being put up for adoption. Meanwhile, Maria is in the grip of heroin addiction. Can these women break the vicious cycle?

Sky Box Sets: Stella: Series 1-6

Ruth Jones’s much-loved comedy drama may have just concluded, but fear not as all six series are here. Stella follows the ups and downs of a single mum of three from the Welsh Valleys, who attempts to juggle motherhood, a career and a rather complicated love life.

Amazon Video: 4 Blocks

Toni Hamady wants to leave behind his life of crime, as a police sting with devastating consequences crosses his plans. Toni has to step up as leader of his clan once more, since he doesn’t want to hand over control to his hot-headed brother Abbas. When an old friend shows up, Toni’s dream feels tangible again.

Netflix: Mudbound

It took Hillary Jordan seven years to write the novel on which this period drama film is based, but it was worth all the effort. She’s currently penning a sequel, so we can look forward to a follow-up in the coming years, but for now, here’s a chance to throw yourself into the world of Second World War veterans Jamie McAllan and Ronsel Jackson.

Sky Cinema: The Big Sick (2017, Sky 15)

Real-life courtship translates brilliantly to the silver screen as Silicon Valley’s Kumail Nanjiani stars as a fictionalised version of himself – a Pakistan-born stand-up who meets and quickly falls head over heels for grad student Emily (Zoe Kazan).

Their blossoming cross-cultural romance is cut short, though, when it emerges that Kumail is under family pressure to find a nice Muslim bride. Still, when Emily suddenly slips into a medically-induced coma, the most unlikely of second chances presents itself, as Kumail at last finds himself getting to know Emily’s parents in the hospital waiting room. From Monday.