Superfan finds the drama also goes on behind the scenes

Fan David Hatton
Fan David Hatton
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A Coronation Street super fan from Preston helped the soap celebrate its 50th anniversary.

David Hatton, 23, of Kingsway, Ashton, took a front row seat for Coronation Street Uncovered: Live which gave reaction from cast, crew and fans after Monday’s dramatic tram crash episode.

He was welcomed to the ITV studios by Antony Cotton, who plays barman Sean Tully, and even spied secret scripts for last night’s live episode tucked in the actor’s back pocket.

ITV laid on a buffet and wine for the hardcore fans who assembled at the studios to watch the evening’s two episodes, but disaster struck when the television stopped working.

David said: “The opening credits were about to begin, but then suddenly the unexpected occurred, the television shut off.

“The fans sat there in horror as the researcher for the show quickly fiddled around with the television trying to fix it.

“Suddenly a girl ran through the room shouting that it was showing in the canteen. There was hope at last.”

David, who has watched Corrie since he was a tot, has been glued to his screen all week with millions across the country. He said: “I absolutely love it. The ability to merge humour with some of the most dramatic storylines.”

David said his favourite character of all time is acid-tongued Blanche Hunt, played by the late Maggie Jones.

He said: “She was hilarious and so inappropriate. Out of all the characters now, I like Norris (Cole). And out of the younger ones, David Platt because he’s a bit of a rum un.”

His favourite storyline ever was the saga of serial killer Richard Hillman, played by Brian Capron, which culminated in 2003.

David, who studies tourism at Leeds University, added: “One of my earliest memories is of the Free Deidre storyline.

“As long as I can remember, it has always been on in the living room of my parents’ home. Coronation Street has become a national treasure over the last 50 years and will continue to be for the next 50.”