Relatively Clever television quiz is a real family affair

The Clipstons filming Relatively Clever
The Clipstons filming Relatively Clever
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A brainy family have put their knowledge to the test on a new prime-time TV quiz show.

The Clipstons, from Leyland, went head to head with other brainboxes on new Sky One show Relatively Clever.

Andy Clipston, his children Callum and Harry and his brother Stephen, signed up for the show after a family friend suggested they apply.

Harry, 13, who is a member of Mensa, is in the top two per cent of the county’s brightest children.

The show, which will be screened from the beginning of next month, puts families to the test by asking general knowledge questions.

And although the Clipstons have to remain silent about their progress, they say they had a ‘good laugh’ along the way.

Andy, who works as a management consultant, said: “It was the best experience. Everything was brilliant.” The 44-year-old said: “Back in September a friend of ours saw an advert for the show. It’s a show where there are two adults and two children aged between 12 and 16.

“The only proviso was we had to be related and you’re meant to be clever.

“We filled in the application form, we had a few laughs doing that. Then we went for an audition in Manchester. It was brilliant fun.”

Andy admits he didn’t expect the family to get any further – so he was pleased as punch to be contacted to take part in the series.

Andy, the boys, who attend Balshaw’s CE High School and Stephen, 40, from Chorley, were then filmed in October for the show.

Andy’s wife Kate and their daughter Lucie, Stephen’s wife Heather and daughters Charlotte and Sophie, were in the audience for the recording.

“It was a great show, we all contributed, it wasn’t a one man show and it wasn’t dominated by the adults,” Andy said. “The whole thing was brilliant. The boys had some really good answers and we had some ropey ones as well.”

The show starts on April 3 and the Clipstons will appear in the third episode.