New venture for ex-Apprentice star Rebecca Slater

BOARDROOM BLUES: Rebecca Slater gets the bad news from Lord Sugar
BOARDROOM BLUES: Rebecca Slater gets the bad news from Lord Sugar
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Though Rebecca Slater was shown the pointy finger of doom from Lord Alan Sugar on this week’s Apprentice, the former Broughton High School student, has vowed to go “onward and upward” with her business plan.

Rebecca became the sixth candidate to be given the boot by Lord Sugar as her team Evolve lost a task to create a corporate away day for struggling to stick to their “back to school” theme.

But the team would have been fined more heavily had it not been for the businesswoman’s booking.

Rebecca says; ““I didn’t expect to be fired, it was a shock to be in the boardroom because earlier in the day team leader, Francesca, had said she wasn’t going to take me in with her so I was really shocked to be in there.

“I also booked the motivational speaker and if we hadn’t had that we would have had no business content and we would have got an even bigger fine.

“Perhaps I should have mentioned that in the boardroom but I thought Lord Sugar would have been able to see through Luisa and see she was the weakest link.”

Rebecca, who now lives in Wigan, said her polite nature may have hindered her when it came to the boardroom showdown.

“I didn’t expect the girls to be quite as difficult as they were in terms of their big egos.

“That didn’t make for very smooth teamwork and I do wish they had mixed the men and the women earlier on in the process, I think it would have been a bit of a different ballgame then.

Undeterred, Rebecca is going ahead with the business plan she had hoped to have backed by Lord Sugar, selling moissanite jewellery.

“It’s called All Mein so I’m very excited about the launch which will be happening in the next month or so.”