Hats off to Trilby after £10k jackpot

WINNER: Trilby Beetham, from Fulwood, who won the ITV quiz show Tipping Point
WINNER: Trilby Beetham, from Fulwood, who won the ITV quiz show Tipping Point
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Smiles all round as Trilby Beetham from Fulwood scoops the jackpot prize on a television quiz show.

Despite being turned down to appear on another prime-time show, Trilby applied to take part in ITV daytime show, Tipping Point.

And one knock-back turned into success for the 58-year-old when she made her tv debut and won the top prize of £10,000.

Trilby, who runs Stan Marks garage on Garstang Road with her husband Kevin, said: “It was quite a long-winded process when I applied.

“First I had to apply online, then have a telephone interview, followed by a face to face meeting in Manchester, before I eventually got through to go and film the show.”

Trilby set off for the TV studios in Wimbledon and there was little to phase the Broughton and District Club Players member.

She said: “It was the weirdest day of my life.

“I didn’t really have any nerves and myself and the other contestants were put at ease the entire time – it also helped that we all got on and that the cameras were pretty hidden away in the shadows.

“When we had finished filming on the Monday I literally hopped back on the train and was ready to get to rehearsals for the amateur dramatics play that same evening.”

The game sees four contestants battle it out to earn tokens to put into a giant penny falls machine by answering questions.

When Trilby found herself in the lead after the first round there was no stopping her and after seeing off the other three members she found she had accumulated £2,850.

Trilby said: “The show itself is also down to a fair amount of luck and it was shining down on me that day.

“When I got to the final my jackpot token was on the edge of the lower shelf but I had no questions left to try and knock it off so I had to decide to take the money I’d already got or trade it for one last token.

“I decided to trade because I hadn’t really come to win money, I’d only gone for a bit of fun, but it paid off!”

When the gaming 
grandmother returned home to Fulwood, Kevin asked her how she got on.

She said: “When I told him how much I’d won he said I could have Monday off for the rest of my life if I came back with the same amount every week!”

Now Trilby, who has a grown up son, Craig who is married with a daughter, two-year-old Lilah and a grown-up daughter, Stacy, who is due to give birth in the next few weeks, plans to save the money for a special occasion.

She said: “I’ll be 60 next year and Kevin will be 65 so we’re hoping to maybe go on a cruise around the Caribbean to celebrate.”