Lostock Hall litter pickers spruce up Todd Lane North cycle path

A Lostock Hall litter picking group has cleaned up Todd Lane North cycle path.

Wednesday, 29th January 2020, 5:00 pm
Lostock Hall Litter Pickers spent an hour sprucing up Todd Lane North cycle path last Sunday.

Some 16 members of Lostock Hall Litter Pickers, including six children, spent an hour filling 10 bags with rubbish last Sunday.

The group was set up on Facebook by Amanda Goode, who said disposable drink containers like coffee cups, pop and beer cans, and plastic bottles are being dumped on the cycle path every day.

Amanda, who lives in Todd Lane North, added: "I've noticed part of the litter is the same, day after day. I think the solution is to slow down, sit down with drinks and maybe have them at home or a cafe, or take a reusable container out."

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The volunteers also found items like three tyres, broken crutches, parts of a lawn mower, tins of paint, a damaged bird feeder and an old tin can that mum-of-two Amanda claims is at least 20-years-old.

"It's a type of drinks can that I think was sold in the 80s but was phased out because it caused too much litter," she said.

And while there are a couple of bins on the cycle path, there are not enough in general in Lostock Hall, according to the 38-year-old.

"I'd say there are not enough bins in the streets and a lot of litter is being caused because of that," she added.

But Coun. Sue Jones, Cabinet Member for Environment at South Ribble Borough Council, said there are more than 1,100 bins in South Ribble, 67 of which are in Lostock Hall.

She added: "These bins are emptied twice weekly and the bins near the shopping centre are emptied daily.

“We strongly urge residents to use litter bins, as opposed to dropping their rubbish on the streets and polluting our public areas, parks, rivers and footpaths.

“It can be tough to police littering – however, if residents identify areas of particular concern, they should ring the council on 01772 421 491 or email [email protected] to report this to us, in order for us to address the issue.”

Search for Lostock Hall Litter Pickers on Facebook to join the group, which is looking for help to identify areas requiring a clean-up.