Noah knows what to believe

Noah: A musical Adventure
Noah: A musical Adventure
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Noah: A musical Adventure - Preston Charter Theatre - Friday, May 9

Saltmine Theatre Company present Noah, a Musical Adventure, with Doug Horley in the title role at Preston’s Charter Theatre next Friday.

Noah is a good man who believes in God. So when God tells him there will be a mighty flood and Noah must build an Ark to save his family, the animals and anyone else who believes, that’s exactly what Noah starts to do...

Only there’s no sign of rain. Is a flood coming? Will the Ark ever be ready? Will anyone else believe?

This musical re-telling of Noah’s story features an engaging script with original music and lyrics by Doug Horley and Mark Reed.

The show will be performed by a full cast and will include amazing puppets, dance and innovative scenery.

Noah: A Musical Adventure, Friday, May 9, from 7pm, is guaranteed to delight all ages. Tickets £12, children £8, family ticket £35. Call 0844 844 7710.