John Bishop will be 'Winging It' at the Blackpool Opera House

John Bishop brings Winging It tour to Blackpool
John Bishop brings Winging It tour to Blackpool

He may be flying high as one of the nation’s favourite comedians, but John Bishop’s keeping his feet firmly on the ground - as his latest tour returns to Blackpool for a second time.

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The Liverpudlian comic is back at the Opera House with Winging It on Sunday and talks about how ‘normal’ his life still is despite the fame.

“I got on a flight and was sat next to an older woman and her husband had the window seat,” he said.

“‘I thought you would be on a private jet,’ she said and I just laughed and said, ‘they all get there just as quick’. She smiled and said, ‘I knew it would be something like that, he said you were just tight.’

“But I still get the Tube in London and I still have the same season ticket at Anfield that I’ve had for years.

“There are only so many things in my life that have changed.

“There’s not a lot in my life that I’m unhappy with.

“People think there is a planet called ‘Celebrity’, where everyone has a tan and white teeth, but I don’t live there!”

Despite all that, he says: “Whatever life I had in the past, I’m now officially in showbiz.

“I will retire from showbiz, or it will retire me.”

The show has three themes; turning 50, parenthood when your children have flown the nest and mortality - ‘a thing you think about when you know you have already passed half way in your life.’