Guys and Dolls

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Lowther Pavilion - Lytham

Four strong lead roles and a score packed with memorable solo and ensemble numbers in superbly contrasting locations have enabled Guys and Dolls to stand at the head of the Premiership of musicals for over 60 years.

The team from Lytham Amateur Operatic Society knew therefore that a challenge was at hand.

Vicki Gallagher as Miss Adelaide, the well-known fiancée, and the tuneful Stephanie Darkins, as a feisty Sister Sarah, stand out.

Bernard Kennedy, as an engaging Nicely-Nicely, has stage presence and Andy Crawford-Lane works hard as the unappealing Lt. Brannigan.

The sparseness of the chorus, however, combined with a lack of balance both in the band and the sound system, took away the magic, as the cast sought the right timing for some very American one-liners.

For 2015 the society is presenting West Side Story, and will be looking for greater numbers and the necessary acting ability required to match the quality of another top musical.