COMING HOME: Freddie Flintoff takes to the stage at Preston’s Guild Hall

SPORTING STAR: Andrew Flintoff
SPORTING STAR: Andrew Flintoff
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Cricket star Freddie Flintoff is coming home to Preston for a special show about his life.

The former England captain will be taking to the stage in the Guild Hall on July 7 with friend and TV producer Clyde Holcroft for a live, unscripted conversation, which he hopes will send the audience home with a smile on their face.

It’s the first time he’s performed at the venue since the 1992 Guild when he sang as part of the Ribbleton Hall High School choir.

“We were all told not to move and the girl next to me ended up wetting herself because she didn’t go to the toilet”, said the dad-of-three.

Freddie also made headlines at the Guild Hall when he was five when he was pictured in the Evening Post getting an autograph from snooker legend Steve Davies.

The show, called Freddie Flintoff:2nd Innings, is based on a sporting podcast made last year on Freddie’s phone, which meandered from cricket talk to everything from anecdotes about Apple’s Genius Bar

1991 A young Andrew Flintoff shows off his batting technique

1991 A young Andrew Flintoff shows off his batting technique

to advice on the best way to disguise a double chin in photographs.

“It’s a bit difficult to describe”, said Freddie, 37.

“We’ll be having a chat about all kinds of things, and most of the stuff will be at my expense.

“We’ll be talking a bit about cricket, but you don’t need to be a massive fan because we’ll also be chatting about loads of other things I’ve got up to.

Out of all the venues I’m doing, Preston’s the one I’m most looking forward to.

Freddie Flintoff

“We’ve done a few practice runs in some little pubs in London and they’ve gone really well, though I was nervous to be in a small venue.

“There will be some audience participation but it won’t be a question and answer thing, because we tried that out and it was a bit disjointed.”

He added: “Out of all the venues I’m doing, Preston’s the one I’m most looking forward to.

“We’re being ambitious with some of the venues, like London Palace Theatre, but in Preston I’m going to have a lot of people who know me in the audience.

Andrew Flintoff

Andrew Flintoff

“I’m going to get heckled like you wouldn’t believe, and if anything goes wrong I won’t be allowed to forget it.”

He added: “I was in the Guild Hall last week having a coffee with my cousin.

“It was weird because there was a picture of me on the wall next to a poster for a Gary Barlow tribute act.

“But I can say that I will be coming myself to this show, not sending a tribute like Gary.”

Tickets are available by calling the Guild Hall on 0844 844 7710 or visiting

The show will also be at Chorley Little Theatre on July 4. Call the box office on 01257 264362.