Behind the mask there are heroes, should you find yourself in 2022, just for one day...

Theatre review
Theatre review
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What do heroes do when they stop being heroes? Grégoire ‘Léon’ Guillemin asked himself what those half gods amongst men can do at night, when they come home after a hard day saving the world...

The Secret Life of Heroes is an exhibition by Greg ‘Leon’ Guillemin at Twenty Twenty Two, a music and art gallery bar on Manchester’s Dale Street, in the Northern Quarter.

Behind those masks and those suits are real men and real women, with all their human attributes and weaknesses.

The show was first seen in Paris last year, and this is the first time the exhibition has been shown in the UK. It includes a number of brand new designs.

The exhibition runs until March 22. Twenty Twenty Two is open from 4pm until late, Tuesday to Saturday.