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If you fancy being in Chorley Little Theatre’s autumn production of The Lady Killers then head to tonight’s audition.

The trials take place at the Dole Street venue between 8pm and 10pm, with the performances set for Monday-Saturday, October 20-25.

From the writer of Father Ted Graham Linehan, this is an adaptation of the classic Ealing comedy.

Directed by Sean Duxbury, there will be complex staging, and rehearsals will start over summer with the main bulk from mid-September.

The parts:

Constable Macdonald (M. 30s-50s)- Local police officer; a patient and helpful man.

Mrs Louisa Wilberforce (F. 60+) - An elderly widow who is a stubborn, law-abiding citizen. Sometimes naïve, meddlesome and persistent.

Professor Marcus (M. 40s-50s) - Suave, calm and calculated. Shows a higher degree of intelligence compared to his cohorts.

Major Courtney (M. 40s-50s) – A man of a nervous disposition. Served for the army in the war but now has turned to a criminal life. Has a feminine tendency.

Harry Robinson (M. 20s-30s) – Common Cockney fellow; something of a neat freak and probably has a slight case of OCD.

One-Round (M. 40s-50s) – A retired boxer turned criminal. A large, lumbering man, but deep down a caring person at heart.

Louis Harvey (M. 40s-50s) – Sly and vindictive with a slight fear of the elderly.

Mrs Jane Tromleyton (60s) - one of Mrs. Wilberforce’s guests.

They are also looking for backstage crew, particularly builders and painters.

Meanwhile, CLT has been rated the Number 1 attraction in Chorley on travel website Tripadvisor. Chairman Ian Robinson said: “It’s great to be rated so highly and that people enjoy the plays, comedy, films and warm welcome we offer.”