‘Toxic Terry’ inspires band

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The recovery journey of a man who was once Preston’s most notorious vagrant has inspired a local band to write and record a song in the hope of raising cash for addiction charities.

“Toxic”, penned by Chorley based musicians Hogweed, pays homage to the dramatic turnaround in the life of Preston man Terrence Ashcroft, who many know as Toxic Terry.

Toxic, penned by Chorley based musicians Hogweed

Toxic, penned by Chorley based musicians Hogweed

Singer guitarist Paul Thom, bassist Steve Winstanley and drummer Paul Pierce are hoping to raise cash for addiction charities who support people in recovery with any online sales they make.

The song’s co-writer John Hargreaves, 53, has a profound personal link to Terry’s story - being one of the men who saved Terry’s life when he extinguished him outside Sir Henry Tate in Chorley in December 2008 when he accidentally set himself on fire while inhaling petrol.

Paul, known as Tommy, said: “We were inspired by the online vitriol after the Post’s article about Terry’s recovery in 2016. It was written as a statement about people being quick to judge online, when they are mostly clueless as to how these substances can easily grab people.

“While many people were understanding, the previous article that appeared in 2016 drew a lot of negative criticism from keyboard warriors who condemned his efforts at recovery.

“We would like people to be more sympathetic with addiction on the whole. “We would like to donate proceeds to a suitable addiction charity, if it goes on iTunes or another medium. Perhaps Terry could suggest one?”

Terry Ashcroft, 47, who calls himself Toxic Terry - a tag that became infamous during his days of solvent abuse - has been out of trouble for eight years and has cleaned up his act.