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DJ: Anne Savage
DJ: Anne Savage
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The sold out Beat-Herder festival has just announced a brand new venue for this year – The Ring.

Harking back to the Ribble Valley’s ancient and mystical heritage, The Ring is a huge 100ft diameter earth ring with imposing walls and an enormous Stonehenge style entranceway.

The Ring is a homage to the legend of John Pratt – a local man said to be more than 8ft tall and reputedly with the strength of 10 men. The story suggests that John Pratt built a ring in the area with his own bare hands and used earth from Pendle Hill because of its magical powers.

Festival co-founder Nick Chambers said: “It’s a brand new, very sacred area and a tribute to the legend of 10-men Pratty. Honestly it has to be seen to be believed – it’s pretty amazing!”

“We’ve also laid on an equally amazing line-up to play the inaugural Ring party.

“It’s going to go off!”

The Ring is curated and hosted by Bombstrikes Records, Utah Saints and Sugarbeat and features headliners including B.Traits feat. Juma MC, A.Skillz, Adam F, Utah Saints, Drumsound and Bassline Smith feat. Youngman, Stereo Express, Grum, Brett Domino Trio, Jamie Berry, DuttyMoonshine, Mooqee and Toni Jarvis.

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