Ex homeless musician eyes the big time

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A homeless music lover has launched talks with a major record label after a YouTube video of his keyboarding skills went viral.

Dave Clough, 43, who spent 13 years living in Preston, said he “keeps breaking down in tears” at the success of the eight minute long video, which has now been viewed over 150,000 times in three weeks.

Keyboard hero: Dave Clough's video went viral also pictured left

Keyboard hero: Dave Clough's video went viral also pictured left

In the video, Mr Clough, who organises ‘old school’ dance revival party nights, can be seen playing a medley of house tunes on a keyboard in the front room of a friend’s house.

He said: “I was asked if I’d like to attend a friend’s birthday party in Leeds who’s into dance music, but I couldn’t afford a present so I decided that I’d do a little performance instead.

“Everyone at the party had a good time and we had a laugh, then the video was uploaded to YouTube on a Sunday night.

“By the Monday there had been 300 hits and I thought that was ‘wow’, then overnight it suddenly took off and I woke up to find my inbox full and there were 40,000 hits. By the end of the week there were 100,000 and now there’s over 150,000.

“It’s gone astronomical. I’ve felt a huge mix of emotions and I’ve been in tears quite a lot. I’d describe it as the opposite of grief – I keep waking up and then realising that it’s really happening.”

Mr Clough, who is currently staying at a friend’s house in Chorley, has now been approached by music giants EMI about plans for an original music album. He said: “It’s a golden egg that’s landed in my lap just at the right time. I’ve got the opportunity to do something I’ve been dreaming of since I was five years old.

“What’s made me famous is a gimmick, but I’m quite an accomplished producer and it’s that platform that I hope to expand on with some high-end collaborations.”

He has also been congratulated via social networking sites by rave artists including Arthur Baker and Sister Bliss, who he describes as his “heroes”.

The former Lancashire Evening Post graphic designer comes from a musical family as his mum was a cabaret singer and his grandad a classical violinist.

He added: “I’ve been homeless before and I’ve slept on the streets. I’ve been to the bottom and I’m on my way back up thanks to every single one of the 150,000 people who have viewed that video. I’m immensely grateful to them all.”