Coolio comes to town

Rap man: Coolio performing in preston this week
Rap man: Coolio performing in preston this week
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He’s sold more than 17 million albums world wide and made one of the most successful rap songs of all time.

Now Gangsta’s Paradise icon Coolio has added to his list of successes by spending time in Preston and performing live to an adoring crowd.

Rap man: Coolio performing in preston this week

Rap man: Coolio performing in preston this week

And it seems the 90s’ idol loved the city so much he decided to stay an extra night - after missing his flight to Zurich yesterday for the next gig of his tour.

Coolio, real name Artis Leon Ivey Jr,. kicked off the first leg of his world tour at Preston’s Ships and Giggles, before heading across town to perform at MACs Bar.

But he admitted that he spent the night before his gigs playing Fifa with Preston students. The 50-year-old said: “I played with some students and they kicked my *** - I was embarrassed.

“But I’m really having a good time - I’ll definitely come back to Preston.The people of Preston are cool.”

Coolio is now a gourmet chef, and said he could make a meal from any ingredients.

He said: “I do have a speciality which is making something out of nothing,

“I can take stuff you wouldn’t think makes a meal, like pork and beans.

“I could make a gourmet dish out of pork and beans.”

Coolio met fans in Ships and Giggles, before performing into the night at MACs Bar.

Andy Mac, owner of Ships and Giggles, MACs bar and YBD, said the rap star was “brilliant.”

He said: “He was so laid back and so cool and he just liked having a laugh.

“He really loved it - he was very appreciative and said he loved performing at MACs Bar and wants to come back.

“The atmosphere was unbelievable.

“He was really nice and met lots of people, then went down to perform at MACs Bar and nailed it - he was absolutely class.”

He added: “They were surrounded by people but they were having such a good time that they loved it. The atmosphere was incredible - we had a lot of people coming from Manchester and we had a good response.

“He said he absolutely loved it and couldn’t believe how cool the people from Preston are and they will definitely be coming back.”

Andy said he thought the party really started after Coolio’s performance at MACs Bar.

He said: “They all slept in and missed their flight to Zurich so they will have to re-book. So he was going to come and cook for us.”