Ben has Cash in hand at the Continental

Ben Welburn, aka CASH
Ben Welburn, aka CASH
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The sound of one of country music’s biggest stars will be recreated in Preston later this week.

CASH: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash is at Preston’s Continental pub on Friday, November 21, from 8pm.

As is often the case with unique artists, it takes another one to fully appreciate them.

Ben Welburn, aka CASH, has uncannily recreated the sound, vibe and appeal of the master himself.

Growing up on a farm in the heart of Yorkshire, music has always been central to Ben’s life.

With a grandfather who was a big band drummer, and a father with a vast recordcollection, music was everywhere as Ben was growing up.

But it was the music of a certain JR Cash that stopped the young Ben in his tracks.

It gave him, he recalls, that first “light bulb” moment.

“I had heard music before, of course. But this voice. His voice. I mean it literally brought me to a standstill.

“The words, too. They just struck a chord with me somewhere and I really felt I understood what he was saying. I got this man, even as a child.”

This was the first time Ben felt that deep connection with music and lyrics and, although he didn’t know it at the time, Johnny Cash would go on to be a very important figure in his life.

Investigating Cash further, Ben realised it wasn’t just his musicality but the way he stood up for the working classes, and was not some clean cut musical ideal, that drew him to the Man In Black.

“Cash was always rough around the edges and I don’t know why but I always felt I was born with an outlaw’s approach to life. Not that I was out there robbing trains or anything, it was more of a mentality; just something inside me.”

Ben would often sing Cash songs to mates, strumming along on acoustic guitar, and people were continuously telling him to do something with it.

“I decided I would start taking it more seriously, pay my respects to the man by getting his stuff out there again.”

Ben will play with a full band on the night, and there is also support. Tickets £10 online from Skiddle, See Tickets and WeGotTickets, or in person from the bar. Doors 8pm.