A nod to the past and the ‘kickstarting’ future

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Preston underground thrash giants SOLITARY celebrated their 20th anniversary in June and commemorated the incredible milestone releasing the band’s first live album entitled I Promise to Thrash Forever.

The band recorded the album in front of a manic crowd in Selby late last year.

Solitary: I Promise to Thrash Forever

Solitary: I Promise to Thrash Forever

The album encapsulates the energy of the band’s live performance coupled with the exuberance of the current UK underground metal scene.
Solitary part funded the release via Pledge Music achieving their target goal in just 25 days. Rich Sherrington, guitarist and lead vocalist, said: “The Pledge campaign showed just how much people want to hear us and how even after 20 years we are still relevant to a lot of people.

“It was a great, humbling experience to reach the target so quickly and the whole band appreciate the fans support in getting this live album recorded and released.”

The album features images of the everyone that was at the live recording as well as the people that pledged via the Pledge Music Campaign.

Having played shows with Xentrix, Lawnmower Deth and DAM in 2013, I Promise to Thrash Forever is a fitting narrative to a band that have remained stalwarts to the Thrash movement of the late 80s.”

The fact that many of the 80s UK Thrash bands have given Solitary permission to publish their album artwork on the release is an acknowledgement of their dedication and displays a level of recognition to the band that have been the only link between yesteryear and the recent Thrash resurgence.

Richard added: “The concept of the artwork for I Promise to Thrash Forever depicts the decline of the LP and the fact that the key things that were so important in the original thrash movement have been disregarded in the wake of technology and file sharing.

“Those of us old enough to remember the golden years will recall the ecstasy of flipping through LPs in your local record shop and finding the album you’d been after for weeks.

“Followed by the obligatory study of the cover, lyrics and thanks list on the bus on your way home, this was all part of the buying experience back in the day.

“The artwork shows the 80s UK Thrash legends album covers having been rotted away and burnt in an attempt to show that the new technology as well as downloading and burning of CDs has all but replaced the LP which has been almost forgotten completely.”

A CD version of the album will be available for just £2.99 plus P&P from the bands website www.solitary.org.uk.

Solitary will support another Preston thrash metal band of the 1980s at 53 Degrees in October.

Xentrix play on Friday, October 24 – but their biggest show was at Wembley in 1991, when the band were hand-picked to open for metal legends Slayer

Tickets: £12.