Help make music with Luke Daniels and the Kaleidoscope Quartet across the North West

The Kaleidoscope Quartet in action
The Kaleidoscope Quartet in action
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Imagine being able to create and share your own music from the same pool of audio clips as professional performers ahead of a live concert - helping them construct their final work from your mobile and communicating directly with the musicians involved.

You can with Luke Daniels, the award-winning and critically acclaimed folk musician and singer, as he hosts a folk and world music quartet - called Kaleidoscope - alongside three international soloists Abel Selaocoe, Rihab Azar and Shu Jiang, in a series of concerts across the North West.

The four make use of mobile technology to jointly create new music with their audiences in the run up to every performance.

Luke explains: "The basic concept is having four musicians from different musical backgrounds, and different parts of the world.

"And since the focus is on traditional and folk music, like very old music, we thought we would try and bring in some element which is this mobile app that people can download. It's called MusicMeme. And it's something you can download from the Android store or the Apple store and then it's free.

"You can make up your own arrangements of music that we've put together, and submit it to us."

So local audiences attending concerts in Liverpool, Southport, St Helens and Bury can create and share their own musical arrangements of the Kaleidoscope Quartet's repertoire from a pool of prerecorded audio clips of each artist involved. This will then contribute towards the development of their final work.

Luke Daniels is a multi-instrumentalist specialising in button accordion and melodeon. He added: "I've worked as a folk musician and composer for about 20 years.

"I've done projects such as the Lord of the Rings films with the Philharmonic Orchestra.

"And my particular interest is collaborating with different types of musicians. So this was the perfect project for me."

You can catch Luke in performance with Chinese artiste Shu Jiang for a number of lunchtime concerts at The Atkinson in Southport (June 13); Liverpool Philharmonic Hall (June 15); the Citadel in St Helens (June 16) and The Met in Bury (June 17). These duo concerts will be followed up by the full Kaleidoscope quartet at the same venues on June 26 (Southport); June 28 (Liverpool); June 27 (St Helens) and June 29 (Bury).

Tickets are £14/12 for each event, available online at